A step-by-step tutorial on how to paint the wall using the ombre method

A step-by-step tutorial on how to paint the wall using the ombre method

If you are looking for a change in the interior of the house in a simple, beautiful, economical and at the same time modern way, we suggest you to paint the wall.


Ombre coloring is a technique in which a range of colors is created, which can be for one color, such as blue, which ranges from light blue to dark blue, or for several colors, such as the colors of the rainbow. .

In addition to painting walls, this technique is also used to paint fabric, furniture and textiles, and even to paint hair.

You can use this technique to paint the entire walls or only one of the walls of the building. You can use this technique to paint the entire walls or only one of the walls of the building. Be sure that the result will be worth the risk and will amaze you.

To paint the walls with the ombre method, we must first prepare the environment we want to paint and clean the wall. About this step, there is a complete and interesting article on the site titled “How to paint the walls of the house” that you can read.

After completing the preparation steps, you should divide the wall into several parts. The number of parts and the size of each part depends on your taste and the design you want to do, but to paint the wall in the ombre method, you must divide the wall into at least two parts.

It is better to mark the borders of the parts using a pencil or paper glue so that you don’t face any problems during painting, although these borders will be completely mixed at the end of painting. The size of the border between the parts is the size of the wall. And it depends on the size of the parts. It is suitable for normal walls with an average size of about 10 cm.

Now it’s time to prepare the colors. It is better to mix the color with a wooden stirrer before use so that it is completely uniform. Avoid shaking the paint can to mix because it will cause too many bubbles in the paint. Pour the paint of each part into a separate roller tray.

If you use a range of colors, you can use a roller and be careful, in this case, start painting with a light color. But if you use different colors, be sure to have a separate roller for each color.

Apply the main color of each part and leave the border between the parts without color. Try to paint quickly so that you can better combine them before the colors dry and remove the border between the parts.

Now it’s time to remove the borders and paint the empty space. For this you need a brush or sponge. Moisten the brush or sponge and try to combine the colors together.

Let the colors dry and now enjoy the result.



If you are a beginner, for better results, use colors that are in the same spectrum and have less contrast.

If there is white color in the design you implement, it is better to implement it in the highest part and near the ceiling so that the wall looks taller.

If you want to know the amount of paint used in each part, you can easily determine the amount of paint according to the area of each part.



Building Paints : At least two colors

Roller and roller tray

Brush or sponge


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