About Meshkat Rang Mahan Company

Meshkat Rang Mahan Cooperative Company has been established with nearly 20 years of experience in producing all kinds of construction, industrial and thinner paints with the aim of producing and supplying high quality products, according to national and international standards and requirements.

This collection is based on innovation, production of quality products, employment, fair price and environmental protection, and based on these principles, it continues its mission, which is customer satisfaction. Sustainable growth and development by strengthening self-belief, innovation and creativity are among the goals of color Meshkat.

By emphasizing the knowledge of young and committed human capital and the transfer of new technologies and their application, Meshkat paint industry has been able to grow significantly in customer satisfaction.

Commitment to society and the environment is one of the main pillars of Meshkat paint industry as one of the leading companies in the field of paint production and is a general principle at all levels of this organization.

The products of this company with a variety of 400 types of products in two brands, Meshkat and Afrang, can be classified in the following groups:

These paints are based on alkyd resin and provide a rich and very durable final coating for metal, wooden and cement surfaces inside and outside the building. It is also combined and used to create a washable coating on the wall and other surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Emulsion paint with excellent coverage for painting the ceiling and walls inside the building. These colors are water-based and odorless. In most cases, after one layer of painting, it completely covers the surface, dries quickly, and allows painting in the shortest time without the need to evacuate the residents. Painting of educational and medical centers, hotels, restaurants and other public places is one of the applications of this color.

Paint is the last layer that is placed on various structures in order to have protective and decorative properties, and due to the stressful conditions they often experience, it is necessary to use materials in their production process that have maximum strength and stability against environmental factors. The existence of uniformity in the external surfaces of different buildings was one of the things that caused facade colors to be used in the construction industry.

When the design and construction of the water pools is completed, it is necessary to use the pool paint according to the established rules and principles so that the inner surface and the walls of the pool have a smooth surface in terms of appearance. Of course, this is not the only way to cover pools, because you can cover these surfaces with stone materials, mosaics, and sealed tiles, so using pool paint for some structural beauty that it gives to the environment is often It is considered as the first choice of tasteful people.

Instant thinner is prepared for diluting all types of basic nitrocellulose coatings such as undercoats used in the wood industry and car painting. This product is also used to clean painting tools and accessories such as pistols and brushes used with solvent-based and nitrocellulose paints.

Polishing oil is a light brown to reddish substance, which is used as a final color. This material is used together with sealer and killer or alcohol and varnish or alone to cover surfaces as a gloss. This color usually dries after 30 minutes. Note that polished oil does not have much resistance to high humidity, water and heat. Most of them use polishing oil in combination with oil paint to make the surfaces shiny and polished. You can use polished oil in decorative items, interior decoration, interior doors and exterior parts of the building that are not exposed to moisture. To apply this color, you should use a gun or a brush. Polishing oil is often produced and supplied to the market in liquid form in plastic or metal cans, which creates a transparent layer on the work surface after use. Usually, drying materials are used inside the polishing oil, which makes the polishing oil dry faster.

Oil thinner is used as a thinner for oil paints based on long oil alkyd resins to prepare for use with a spray, roller or brush.

Industrial coating for protecting iron surfaces against moisture and corrosion and waterproofing concrete surfaces. It also prepares the surfaces for the final layers of epoxy and polyurethane by creating a suitable initial layer.

Industrial coating to obtain a glossy finish resistant to UV rays, chemicals, oils, water immersion and high pressure washing. Muskat polyurethane paints are used to create maximum resistance on metallic or non-metallic surfaces.

When iron or steel corrodes, the result is iron oxide or what we call “rust”. Applying the proper anti-rust coating to metal protects it from the damaging effects of water exposure. In order for the use of steel and other metals in construction to be practical, some corrosion protection methods must be used. Otherwise, the life of steel and other metals will be limited, reducing efficiency and increasing maintenance costs. One of these methods is the use of anti-rust for metals.

The anti-corrosion pigments in quality anti-rusts change the surface properties of the base metal. As a result, this metal creates high electrical resistance. Different pigments perform this reaction in different ways. Primers absorb moisture so that it does not react with the steel.

The color of hardships is the color of life


One of the important characteristics of Mashkat products is its high quality. So that the quality of this product exceeds the standard.


Meshkat company has a variety of products, so that it can provide a basket of goods for customers and they don’t have to worry about getting the goods.


We believe that honesty is the most basic and widely used method in business, and accordingly, one of the values of Mishkat is honesty and respect for customers.


By choosing suitable raw materials and modern production technology, Meshkat has been able to produce products with high durability and stability. To protect clients’ funds.

The price is right

Rang Meshkat is trying to take an effective step towards balancing the price of paint in the market by offering the right price so that customers can benefit from the economic point of view.

Customer Orientation

Since one of Rang Meshkat’s assets is the customers, the goal of this collection is to satisfy them. Observing the respect and rights of customers is one of the concerns of managers and employees of Meshkat.


The existence of competitors causes the growth, effort and growth of organizations. With a spirit of competitiveness, Meshkat managers are working hard for the growth and expansion of Mashkat.


In order to grow and serve customers, Rang Meshkat has introduced new products with up-to-date technology into the production cycle and has become a serious competitor with foreign companies.


Meshkat color assures its customers of quality, durability and beauty by using Meshkat products with high satisfaction.