25 creative ideas that only need a can of paint!

When you want to make the most of your limited budget for decorating, paint is the best option at your disposal. If you want to use your purchase even more than before, try to use the same can of paint you bought in several small projects and don’t finish it all in one big project. Whether you have a full can or want to do something with the last drops left from one of your old paint cans, you’ll find something here to inspire you. These 25 creative color ideas have suggestions for every room in the house.


  1. Bedroom + lots of color = patterned wall

If you have some color (and a lot of patience) besides your can of white paint, this project is perfect for you. Draw the pattern you want on the wall using paint glue (I suggest doing this a week before you start painting). To achieve the best result, first use one of the colors and let it dry before moving on to the next color.


  1. Bedroom + small amount of paint = plaster decoration.

If you only have a little paint left, pick up some plaster designs from a hardware store to decorate your wall with. If you have a colored wall, make the plastering white, and if your walls are white, you can paint the plastering gray to achieve a stylish look.


  1. Bedroom + small amount of paint = chest of drawers.

Give your old dresser a new look by creating a beautiful twill design. If you prefer a simpler design, you can try alternating between thin and thick lines or just paint the drawer fronts.


  1. Bedroom + a little paint = new accessories.

Matching your collection of colorful trays, dishes or jewelry boxes with a new white top can give a room a fresh look. Metallic colors can also be very beautiful.


  1. Living room + lots of paint = colorful wall.

A wall with a rich color can have a fantastic effect on enlivening your space. Choose the wall you want carefully. The new color you will put on this wall will draw attention to this point and therefore this wall should be where you want others to see it.


  1. Living room + a little paint = painted brick fireplace.

People are usually skeptical about painting a brick fireplace for an unknown reason. It’s true that some historic homes have beautiful original fireplaces that are best left untouched, but if you don’t like your brick fireplace, there’s no reason not to change it. Grab your paint can and get started.


  1. Living room + a little paint = breathing new life into an old mirror.

An old mirror or even a mirrored dresser can be completely transformed by painting the mirror frame. If there is a little paint left on your walls, dilute it with some solvent or white paint and then paint your frame. This makes for a subtle and beautiful difference in colors.


  1. Stairway + lots of paint = painted stairs.

Transform your dark staircase with bright colors. Start with a white base color and then paint the main stair tread with the base color. If you like, you can create a narrow border on the sides of the path.


  1. Stairway + small amount of paint = number stickers.

Do you have a little paint? Do not paint the stairs, but use colored stickers that can be obtained from hardware stores to paint the numbers of the stairs in order.


  1. Kids room + lots of paint = chalkboard wall.

This now classic image is still popular for many reasons. The most important thing is that you can have fun with it! What kid wouldn’t want to be able to paint on their wall?


  1. Children’s room + a little paint = strange door frame.

Try painting a decorative border next to a door frame. You can prepare a pattern on the wall by using a paper roll and sticking it to the wall to mark the design.


  1. Children’s room + two drops of paint = colorful bookshelf.

Pick up some inexpensive spice racks at the store and make this super easy project. Pick up some inexpensive spice racks at the store and make this super easy project.


  1. Pick up some inexpensive spice racks at the store and make this super easy project.

Create your own design on the wall in any color you like, or whatever color you have left in the corner of the pantry.


  1. Kitchen + small amount of paint = blackboard refrigerator.

If you have some chalkboard paint left and you are a risk taker, you can do this project.


  1. If you have some chalkboard paint left and you are a risk taker, you can do this project.

Decorate your wall with a large number or letter sticker carefully affixed to the wall.


  1. Work room and workshop + lots of paint = white floor.

At first glance, the white floor may not be suitable for a workshop or office, but such a color creates a lively and creative mood in the room and is very practical. It is much more difficult to find a bead that has fallen on a dark floor than when the floor is white.


  1. Workroom and workshop + lots of paint = colored pegboard for things.

Hang your tools and tools on these perforated boards and hang artwork next to them. These boards can be obtained from hardware stores. In terms of color, you can choose them the same color as the walls of the room or with a contrast with the color of the walls. The choice depends on your taste.


  1. Work room and workshop + a little paint = decorated boxes.

Simple wooden boxes can be transformed with a cheerful color into creative shelves for storing things or displaying them. To make them more impressive, you can cover the bottom of the boxes with additional pieces of wallpaper or gift paper.


  1. Washroom + lots of color = bold, stylish stripes.

To add an unexpected image, you can continue the thick lines drawn on the bathroom wall from the inside to the back.


  1. Toilet + a little color = changing the appearance of the bathtub.

Add color to your free standing bathtub. Add color to your free standing bathtub. For a bolder look, try bright red, pink, or blue.


  1. Wash basin + two drops of paint = tin can pots.

By using happy colors, you can turn your tin cans into vases or place toothbrushes and cosmetics.


  1. Dining room + lots of color = patterned floor

. Whether it’s a classic checkered pattern on the floor or a modern pattern, painting the floor means you won’t need carpet anymore. Paint the background color first and let the natural color of the wood show through as you can see here.


  1. Dining room + a little paint = new buffet.

Paint only the fronts of drawers and cabinets to create a two-tone look. In addition, if you have a glass cabinet in the room, you can paint only the inside of the cabinets to create a subtle change in the appearance of the room.


  1. Home office + lots of paint = exhibition wall.

By using a dark color, you can turn the wall above your desk into a place to hang artwork. When you paint the wall, before hanging the signs and things on the wall, arrange them on the floor once to find their right place.


  1. Home office + small amount of paint = your own painting board.

Think you’re not an artist? All you need for this project is a white stretched canvas, which you can get at art supply stores, colored glue (to define the twill pattern) and some paint.

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