A few tips about bedroom painting

When you want to restore the tired face of a room, repainting will help you significantly.

When you paint your room a vibrant, luxurious color, you give it—and yourself—a new perspective.
To turn this space into the room of your dreams, use colors that represent your style. Meshkat acrylic paint, along with Color Express technology, provide you with a wide range of your favorite colors easily. In addition, this product is odorless and water-based. So feel free to color!

Choose according to the mood:

Color not only has the power to change the face of a space, but also changes its atmosphere. Do you want the color of your room to give you the energy to get out of bed, or to induce relaxation so that you can fall asleep more easily?
Before choosing a color, remember these basic rules: Warm colors give energy and cool colors induce relaxation. Dark colors make the room cozy and light colors make the space bigger.

The easiest way to choose:

To make it easier to choose the color, you can also use the color of the bed, closet, window or curtain for the wall. If you encounter a lot of variety when choosing a color and find it difficult to choose, try to choose the color of the wall from the color of one of your favorite objects in the room, such as lampshades, clothes, drawers, or anything else. Also, the Muscat color catalog on the website will help you find the color you want faster.

Choose a consonant:

If you want to paint the walls to be relaxing, you should use neutral colors. Not! Not all neutral colors are boring. Creamy white, light cream, light gray and light chocolate are not only not boring, but also blend in with your colorful decor and furniture. This range of colors is also suitable for the rooms of people who frequently change their furniture and decor.

The fifth wall:

The color of the ceiling of the room is the last color you see before you sleep and the first color you see in the morning after waking up. Why not use a nicer color instead of pure white? Painting the ceiling with a light spectrum of the wall color makes the space look more open without a harsh contrast. Using the premium semi-plastic paint of Afrang or the matte acrylic paint of Meshkat as the base white and the dual-purpose tint of Meshkat as the mother color, get the color you want and use it to color the ceiling of your room!

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