Painting and painting the walls of the house: Part One

How to paint the walls of the house?

When the walls of the house need to be painted, you may think that you should pick up the pen and start working, but before you start, it is better to know a few things about painting to save your time and money.

In this part, we will prepare the space and in the next part, we will explain the steps of painting and painting.

first stage : Prepare the space you want to paint:

  1. Evacuate the painting area from tools and furniture:How to paint the walls of the house

It is better to find a place and move the furniture, carpets and other household items there until the painting project is finished. If you don’t have the possibility to move the equipment to another place, you can simply move the equipment away from the walls and places you are going to paint and cover them completely with plastic or thick cloth.

  • Since during painting, drops of paint may splash on different parts, even if the distance between the equipment and the painting area is long, be sure to cover them to protect them.
  • Be careful with electrical appliances. Turn them off and disconnect them from the electricity and move them to a suitable environment.
  1. Remove all accessories such as handles and electrical outlets from the wall:How to paint the walls of the house

A smooth and unobstructed surface makes the painting process better. Most of the accessories are easy to remove, tape any items you can’t remove from the walls.

  • Be careful to keep small accessories such as screws in the right place to install them again after finishing the painting.
  1. Spread plastic or cloth on the ground:How to paint the walls of the house

This will prevent paint drops from soiling the ground when painting. Try to cover the corners and the space between the floor and the wall with the plastic or cloth you use.

  • Newspapers or waste papers are not suitable for this because they are thin and paint moisture passes through them.
  1. Gently clean the work surface you want to paint:How to paint the walls of the house

Wet the cloth or sponge with warm water and apply a little detergent, take the excess water from the cloth and use it to clean the entire painting area from dust and other pollution so that you don’t face any problems while painting.

  • Do this slowly, you don’t need to soak and grind the walls.
  • You can use a small amount of diluted TSP (trisodium phosphate) for areas that are more polluted, such as the kitchen.
  1. Cover the corners with adhesive tape:How to paint the walls of the house

Adhesive tape is used to keep the corners of the wall and the edges of doors and windows clean. It is also suitable for covering details that are not separated from the wall, such as electrical switches.

  • Just make sure that the edges of the adhesive tape are smooth and neat, otherwise you will have messy edges at the end of the painting.
  • You can get adhesive tape in different sizes and cover different points well.

second stage: Apply primer (under the paint):

  1. Buy a bucket of primer:How to paint the walls of the house

For most jobs, standard white primer is the best option. In this way, the new paint will have better stability and adhesion.

  • Try to always use a primer when painting interior walls, not only will it improve the adhesion of the original paint, but it will also reduce the number of times you have to apply layers of paint on the walls to achieve the desired color.
  • Also, primer is used when you want to apply a lighter color than the previous color.
  1. Apply the primer on the wall:How to paint the walls of the house

Using a roller, apply a layer of primer on the wall in such a way that it covers all the desired space, from the top near the ceiling to the bottom of the walls near the ground.

  • Pay attention that this layer must be smooth and resistant and have enough thickness. In this case, the color layer will sit on it easily.
  • Try not to leave an area without primer on the walls because it may affect the final color of the walls.
  1. Get help from a brush:How to paint the walls of the house

For the areas that cannot be reached with a roller and for the corners, apply primer with a brush.

  • Pay attention to the gaps and around the equipment and accessories on the walls.
  • Try to make the thickness of the primer layer that you apply with a brush be the same as the layer that you apply with a roller.
  1. Let the primer coat dry:How to paint the walls of the house

Give the primer about 4 hours to dry completely. This layer must be dry before starting painting. Painting on undried primer causes staining and paint loss. It is better to apply the primer layer in the afternoon or evening and start painting the next day.

  • By creating air flow in the painting space by opening the windows or turning on the air conditioner, the primer layer dries faster.

Now the environment is ready to start painting, follow the painting steps in the second part of this article.

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