Painting and painting the walls of the house: second part

In the first part of painting and painting the walls of the house, we prepared the work environment. Now it’s time for the main step, which is to start painting the walls.

third level: Painting the wall:

  1. Choose the color you want:How to paint the walls of the house

When you want to paint the interior, there are many options for you. Don’t just pay attention to the color, but consider the texture and the final result you want.

For example, pastel colors are suitable for brightening the bathroom or living room, while darker colors are used to show size and dimension in more public spaces such as the kitchen.

  • Get the right amount of paint you want so you don’t run out of paint halfway through the job. Calculate how much of the surface is suitable for each gallon of paint on average.
  1. Mix the paint thoroughly:How to paint the walls of the house

Use an electric mixer or hand mixer to mix the paint.

By preventing the separation of pigments and oil, this will ultimately result in better and more uniform color coverage. When the texture of the whole color is uniform, it is ready to be painted.

  • To prevent the paint from splashing out of the pan, transfer the paint to a larger container before mixing.
  • Mixing the paint before starting the painting is essential, whether the paint has been left on the store shelf for a long time or the paint is newly produced and packaged, it must be mixed before starting the painting work.
  1. Start painting with a brush:How to paint the walls of the house

Dip the tip of the brush into the paint, then shake off the excess paint from the brush. Start painting from the top corner of one of the walls, also paint the corners and edges of the adhesive tapes with a brush.

  • Painting a few centimeters around the tapes makes the rest of the painting easier with the roller.
  • At appropriate intervals during work, dip the brush again with paint so that your color does not fade.
  1. Start painting the walls:How to paint the walls of the house

After painting the corners with a brush, paint the middle part of the walls with a roller. The best way to paint with a roller is to draw the roller like the letters M or W on the wall and go back and forth on this pattern until you paint the wall completely.

  • Make sure that the edges of the wall are well painted and overlap with the areas you painted with the brush.
  • Rollers with long handles help you reach the upper parts of the walls and near the ceiling better.
  • Be careful to paint the right amount on the primer. Too much painting will make the work surface look uneven in the end.
  1. Start the next layer:How to paint the walls of the house

Depending on what level of color you want to achieve, you can paint another layer on top of the original color, or even paint up to three stages. Just make sure to allow about 2 to 4 hours between each layer of paint. Allow to dry and then start a new layer.

Paint the second or third layers like the first layer: Start with brush from the corners and then paint the middle of the wall with the rollers.

  • Most walls do not require more than double color, but more layers of color are needed for walls that have large texture or when you want to cover dark color.
  • To make the result more clean, make sure you paint the corners and around the adhesive tape well.
  1. Allow one night to pass the coloring and fix the color:How to paint the walls of the house

Finally, take a look at the walls before drying and check the thin spots, the left drops and wherever it may have.

Almost twice when you allow the primer to dry it takes time for the final color layer to be fully prepared and prepared.

  • At this time, try not to touch the walls at all so that no stain on the color.
  • Sometimes it takes about 1 to 2 hours in some areas for the color to dry completely.
  • Remember to remove the adhesive tape when you are sure of the color of the walls.


Enjoy the new color of the walls.


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