Painting the wall with a brick design

Painting the wall with a brick design

If you like to create classic designs on the wall of your living room or even the wall of your study room, you should avoid one of the rules and use your creativity. I suggest this design on one side of the wall of your room, preferably the study room. It could be because we want to use contrasting colors and a creative brick design. Try to dry your plaster wall with a tissue and then draw the brick design on the wall with a pencil using a cardboard the size of a real brick. Cover the lines with thin adhesive tape.
After using all-purpose putty, which has a great concentration, cover the entire surface. After drying, move from top to bottom with a medium roller dipped in putty or primer on the wall. The entire surface covered with putty and 5 to 6 The hour passed, we smooth the edges of the putty with a soft sandpaper, then we remove the glue from the wall, and by choosing a stylish color that suits your taste and decoration, you paint the surface of the wall. And for a more refreshing feeling, try using a warm color with another roller to paint the brick design. This will be more suitable for classic styles.

Maybe you can find more ideas for your simple plaster walls. Be sure to tell us your comments.

To see the video of this idea, click this link

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